Siemens Water Technologies is NOW Evoqua Water Technologies

AEA Investors LP has completed their purchase agreement with Siemens to acquire Water Technologies. The company is now Evoqua Water Technologies LLC. Evoqua will continue to focus on municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment and services.  The existing management has remained in place and has continued to work together with AEA’s Evoqua team, who have years of water experience, to serve you, to add value for you and to continue to deliver quality products and services without disruption.

The new name Evoqua originates from the definition of “evoke” to re-create imaginatively, as well as “evolve,” to change into a better or more advanced state, and a shortened version of “aqua.” The name symbolizes a transformational step of an established industry leader and signals our intent to respond to the evolving needs of the Water & Wastewater market.  The new name is pronounced e (long “e”) vo (long “o”) qua.

Evoqua has a long and proud history in water and wastewater treatment. Evoqua will continue to offer their proven and trusted brands, such as;  Wallace & Tiernan, MEMCOR, Envirex, JetTech, Ionpure, Davco/Davis, Lyco, JWI, Vantage and many others.  Now under ownership of AEA, one of the most respected private equity firms with more than $6 billion under management backed by leading executives and institutional investors from around the globe, they are eager to begin their next chapter of increased entrepreneurship, flexibility and growth in the Water & Wastewater market.